Bio of the Artist, and Photographer:

Born in Tyler, Texas and having studied Fine Art at Tyler Junior College (in Tyler, Texas), Christopher has enjoyed success from the early inception of his career with his vigorously energetic brand of contemporary Pop Art. Awarded the Gertrude Windsor Endowed Art Scholarship in 1991, Kilgore College Portfolio Contest in 1991, and the Tyler Chapter of the NAACP Afro- Academic Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics Award Recipient; where he competed nationally in Houston, Texas 1991. Introspection, a pencil drawing/ self portrait of Christopher won several contests. He earned an Eagle Scout Award in 1991; where he developed an affinity for the outdoors and still photography. After attending the traditional arts program at Tyler, Junior College in 1992, he experimented with a variety of mediums, ranging from screen printing, compression printing, still photography, Black and White photography, oil paints, air brush, pencil, Pen and Ink, and Stippling in both Classical and Contemporary Art. He later founded T- Tops T-Shirts in Tyler, Texas; where he made his mark with various T-Shirt Designs for John Tyler High School (Cujo Man) and monumental designs to commemorate the Juneteenth Celebration like “If You Can’t Run”. After changing his major several times, he graduated from Tyler Junior College where he received a degree in Criminal Justice in Law Enforcement. Christopher received his Bachelor of Arts from Texas College in Tyler, Texas in Business Administration, and two master’s degrees from LeTourneau University in Strategic Leadership from and a Master of Business Administration. In 2005, he collaborated with other artists like the late Dr. Daniel Watson of Texas College by teaching college students the art of silkscreen printing.

At an early age, Christopher’s teachers recognized his natural talent; while visiting the Brookshire’s Wildlife Museum in Tyler, Texas. He was able to draw a striking resemblance of a Caste Lion located at

the museum at the age of 4. He later attributes his eye for art to that same teacher Ms. Ross, who gave students the experience of a lifetime with Finger Painting, Watercolors and old fashion drawing on vanilla paper at the Texas College Early Childhood Learning Center located on the north side of Tyler, Texas.

His inspiration comes from artists located in the community like the late Billie Brewster the founder of “Billie’s Art Studio on Palace Ave. and the late photographer Curtis Humphrey. See the link below for more information: http://www.docarts.com/photography_of_curtis_humphrey.html

In March of 2014, he visited Costa Rica; where he captured the true essence of the natural wonders that exist in Costa Rica. While traveling with a group of Students from LeTourneau University, he was able to capture the natural wonders with an Apple IPAD Photography, Pencil Drawings, and a daily diary. Christopher is an art teacher at The Bailey School of Visual and Performing Arts, where he teaches art in a TAB format (Teaching Artistic Behaviors). Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB) is a style of choice-based art education that focuses on the students, their interests, and their ideas. Students are viewed as authentic artists, and groups of materials are made available. Play and experimentation are essential to creative development and confidence in risk-taking.

Coming Soon, Christopher is presently working on the launch of his new art storefront website to feature his artwork, his photography, and other local artists from East Texas.

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